2019 Father's Day Gift Guide by White Kaiman

2019 Father's Day Gift Guide by White Kaiman

You don’t have to get dad something expensive for fathers day. In fact, most dads like myself are pretty simple and appreciate a cool gadget or new tool that we would actually use. 

Gift cards are nice, fancy clothes are cool, a new car even better but if you are on a slightly smaller budget like most of us then White Kaiman has put together our top 5 products that dads like myself would appreciate. Take a look:

Portable Phone Charger/power bank/international travel adapters

Power Bank with international travel adaptersWeighing less than a ½ pound, this high capacity 6700 mAh global power bank charger is the ultimate Father’s Day gift guaranteed to please. With a digital LCD battery power display to show exactly how much power is left, 2 USB ports, 1 C-type port, and built-in WIRELESS charging capability for newer model smartphones, you can’t go wrong with White Kaiman’s Global Super Charger Power Bank. For fathers who travel, or who may be stationed overseas, this device also comes with 4 international charging adapters for US, UK, Europe, and Australia. Pass through charging allows up to 4 devices to be charged at the same time, so the entire family can use it as well!









Small Power Bank

This ultra slim 3400mAh power bank packs hours of power into its high capacityportable power bank phone charger rechargeable core. Simply plug any USB device in and bring it back to life! At just 2.6 ounces, this mini power bank weighs less than a deck of cards, so there is no excuse tp not to be carrying one at all times! It’s small enough to slip into any pocket, bag, or backpack, yet powerful enough to keep his electronics fueled and ready to use. It also can be used day or night with the bright, built-in LED flashlight to illuminate your surroundings whenever or wherever you need!


Portable LED bug zappers flashlight combos

White Kaiman Portable Bug Zapper - Some, if not most Dad’s, are minimalists. outdoor bug zappersThey don’t want to carry around big bulky flashlights with 3 batteries or 4 bottles of bug spray. That’s what purses are for, and you’re not getting your Dad a purse for Father’s Day (at least we don’t recommend it). The White Kaiman 2 in 1 Rechargeable Portable Bug Zapper Flashlight is extremely convenient in size and can be hung up almost anywhere with the built in hook, so hanging out on the patio or doing some work in the garage at night he won’t be surrounded by bugs, and can always light his way!

Hanging lantern Bug zapper and light combo solar powered

White Kaman Solar Powered Bug Zapper - Dad’s like spending time outdoors inSolar Powered Bug Zapper and Lantern Combo the sun. Dad’s do not like being surrounded by bugs. Realistically no one does, but that’s besides the point. Solar Powered Bug Zappers are perfect to hang outside for BackYard, camping or fishing trips, allowing the sun to recharge the lamp so it can be used while dad sits at the dock during the evening casting a few lines out or cooking over a campfire










Dad Beach and Pool Poncho Changing Robe

Dad ́s, we got a lot of types of them, we have the one that loves to BBQ every Dad Ponchoweekend, or the one that likes to go camping with his family every now and then , we have the one that enjoys going to the beach and chilling under the umbrella with the sound of the ocean, I can keep on going with all the types of dads that we have. For this father’s day we needed a product that could fit in with all of the activities that they want to do, and that’s why the “Poncho” was the best option for all of them, its comfortable, practical,comes in all sizes small, medium, large and extra large, perfect for all indoor and outdoor activities, ultra soft cotton terry material is moisture-wicking and long-lasting, it dries quickly and it's easy to carry anywhere your dad wants to go. Check them out on Amazon here 


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