Enjoy The Outdoors This Summer, Pest-Free!

Enjoy The Outdoors This Summer, Pest-Free!
With summer quickly approaching, you may be thinking about enjoying the beautiful weather by planning outdoor activities!Whether it be hosting a game day, picnic, lunch, party, or other type of outdoor gathering, all you should be worried about is soaking up as much vitamin D as possible. Because seasons come and go quickly, you want to ensure you are prepared for the summertime and everything it brings, aside from nice weather. What we never account for is the surge of insects that become more active in the hot days and nights. They can effectively put an end to the enjoyment and limit the possibilities for activities outdoors, especially after sunset. However, by investing in a powerful, long range electric bug zapper ahead of time, you can eliminate the problem completely and get the most out of your summer days and nights.

How does an electric bug zapper work?

Electric bug zappers feature a special UV light which is covered with metal mesh. This UV light is what attracts most bugs to the zapper so that they can be eliminated from your surroundings. The light source is covered with an electrical current induced metal mesh. The mesh, once the bug tries to get through it to get to the light, completes the electrical circuit which leads to the bug being killed. When the process has been completed, you will hear a “zap!” sound coming from the insect killer, and know there is one less pesky nuisance flying around.

Additionally, one of the benefits to a high powered electric bug zapper is the UV light in the center is so luminous that it can be used as a lamp as well. It emits enough light to keep your immediate surroundings visible without the need for an additional light source. An outdoor bug zapper is perfect for any backyard BBQ, sitting around a campfire, near a pool, and more! Place one near the entrance of your home to ensure that little to no insects ever come close to entering your space, keeping yourself and your loved ones as comfortable as possible.


Why should you opt for White Kaiman’s electric bug zapper?

White Kaiman’s powerful electric bug zapper promises you quality and efficacy that is unparalleled, with its unique features that make it one of the most popular electric outdoor bug zappers currently on the market:

  • Wide range of coverage, up to 2 acres
  • 2000V high voltage electric grid wire mesh
  • 3U 20W E27 UV light bulb naturally attracts insects
  • Built-in hook for versatility to hang or set on flat surface
  • Safety guard to keep human hands and fingers out of danger
  • Easy to clean with twist-lock bottom, removable tray, and brush
  • Insect attractant packet slot for luring and killing additional bugs
  • Heavy duty, durable material that can stand up to harsh conditions

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