White Kaiman Zapper Bulb WK1Z Black and White


The White Kaiman Bulb Bug Zapper uses a black light with ultra violet rays to lure the insects into the electric grid. The bulb is safe for humans and pets as it emits zero chemicals. The ideal use for this product is in a residential setting. Example uses would be in a pantry, entryway, covered patio, doorway, garage, or shed. The uses are not limited to but ideal for the previous mentioned.


  1. The bulb is a standard fit for any USA light bulb outlet ( e27). 
  2. Effectiveness will depend on the amount of natural and other artificial light in the area. The darker the area the more attractive the black light will be to insects.
  3. The bulb itself is replaceable by removing the 4 exterior screws and removing the bulb. Search Amazon or Google for " PL5 5W bulb" 
  4. To clean the zapper, twist off the bottom tray and empty teh dead bugs. TGo clean the grid you can remove the outer 4 screws and use a tooth brush or small brush to lightly brush away the insects. Make sure the power is turned off before cleaning


  1. High voltage Do not touch the inner electric grid
  2. Product is intended for indoor and outdoor use. Outdoor use should be covered for minimal water intrusion but can withstand the elements
  3. Do not spray water directly into the zapper with a hose
  4. When using the socket bulb on an extension cord, keep the outlet away from moisture to avoid damage to your electrical system and cords
  5. The zapper can be used as a pendant type or pedestal type bulb, can hang or stand upright.
  6. The light bulb is replaceable 
  7. If cleaning is needed then unplug from any power source, do not take the chance even if you flip the switch. Just remove it from the socket entirely
  8. DO NOT insert foreign objects into the grid

Any questions you can reach our support staff at support@whitekaiman.com. For specifications and general questions you can most likely find your answer by reading the description here:  White Kaiman BULB ZAPPER